People generally are well immersed in their own bubble and have their own set of established friends, hangouts, things-to-do and daily roles. The idea of breaking out of this comfort zone and indulge in something different can be downright scary for some. Holidays grant a person the chance to experience something out-of-the-ordinary while handing him a chance to break free from their daily routine and see, feel and taste what different parts of the world have to offer. Traveling helps build confidence and helps you connect with different people and navigate foreign environments while soaking in a culture as well. This not only aids you in becoming smarter but also makes you a more well-rounded and competent individual.

India is one of the most fascinating countries to travel to; every single part of the country has a different story to tell and has immense history attached to it. Besides, the architecture, cuisine, style, language, dialect, and climate are incredibly different and varied in every single city you visit here. From ultra chic bars to roadside eateries, from dazzling skylines to the humble shanties, India has so much diversity which is sure to fascinate and drive you crazy in equal measure.

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