We list 3 superb ways to ensure that your next company offsite activity goes off with a bang.

The country’s capital city is a stunner in many ways. Not only is it well planned and has the best infrastructure, it is also        quite regal, too. Delhi is the focal point for a lot of domestic and international visitors who often stop over here before travelling elsewhere in the country. Besides, it exudes power as the seat of Government and business – so what could be a better setting for your next company offsite?

Booking the right venue and planning a mix of educational and fun activities is what having the best offsite meeting is all about. Instead of entrusting the job to event planners, just do it yourself with 3 ideas to get you started –

1 Book a 5 star hotel. The best way to ensure that the entire team stays together and has much to do at the same venue, is to book a classy 5 star hotel in Delhi. And you’re in luck, too – if it’s a posh setting with a wonderful pool, excellent meeting rooms and banquet spaces, and the best restaurants and on-site spa you are looking for, you could do no better than … Travel More