We list 3 superb ways to ensure that your next company offsite activity goes off with a bang.

The country’s capital city is a stunner in many ways. Not only is it well planned and has the best infrastructure, it is also        quite regal, too. Delhi is the focal point for a lot of domestic and international visitors who often stop over here before travelling elsewhere in the country. Besides, it exudes power as the seat of Government and business – so what could be a better setting for your next company offsite?

Booking the right venue and planning a mix of educational and fun activities is what having the best offsite meeting is all about. Instead of entrusting the job to event planners, just do it yourself with 3 ideas to get you started –

1 Book a 5 star hotel. The best way to ensure that the entire team stays together and has much to do at the same venue, is to book a classy 5 star hotel in Delhi. And you’re in luck, too – if it’s a posh setting with a wonderful pool, excellent meeting rooms and banquet spaces, and the best restaurants and on-site spa you are looking for, you could do no better than The Leela Palace New Delhi[1]. It is the city’s only modern palace hotel, and it is one of the top rated 5 star hotels in Delhi for company off sites, workshops and business enclaves.

2 Go jungle camping. In recent times, most companies have been looking at company off sites as opportunities for team bonding over shared activities. This helps especially when the company is large and has diverse interests, with employees scattered over a wide geographical region. So when everybody gets together, it’s a good idea to break the ice and forge friendships with some outdoor fun. We suggest booking two days of camping, with lots of adventure games and activities thrown in. You can also take your pick from some superb camping sites near Delhi, from Damdama Lake to Mukteshwar near Nainital[2]. But be sure to arrange for common transport like a large bus, if the site is far away from Delhi and requires many hours of travel – it is better to keep the team together than have them scatter in different vehicles!

3 Book a farmhouse. A cosier option for a relatively smaller offsite is to book a farmhouse that also has a few animals on the premises to liven things up. Some people keep domesticated dogs, cattle and even goats, while others have organic farming gardens that they allow visitors to work in for short periods of time, and under supervision. Apart from staying at the farmhouse’s rooms, you can also include activities like camp fire dancing, a yoga and meditation class, call for live entertainment or just sit around chatting after the workshop with a few drinks and snacks[3].

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